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Launching officially on 11/11/2022, via Wise Serpent Fest @ Kangaroo Island, WISE SERPENT MUSIC is in the early process of creating entertaining + educational content for young musicians, artists & creative entrepreneurs who are going through the #ArtofRebirth (the beauty of transformation). 

With depression & mental illness as prevalent as they are in Australia, suicide statistically is the #1 cause of death for our youth.

Wise Serpent Music believes we need a shift in our thinking, a shift in our patterns, a shift in our culture.

Our vision is to help our youth ‘rebirth’ through times of hardship, using creativity & enlightened entertainment as wisdom tools. 

We believe we can help more youth redeem the shadow of past & use it as a blank canvas for painting a brighter future.

So, how does this ground out?

Well, in addition to our plan to create & distribute educational + entertainment content across our media channels, we have decided to provide 100% FREE Artist Development Packages for Youth aged 14-24 + connect with relevant 3rd Party support. Thus aligning our mission to create a positive shift in Australian Youth Culture through Music, Art & Wisdom.

So if you’re aged between 14-24 years old, we’ll help you out all we can & we won’t charge you for our services.

Update: Click Here to sign up to waiting list + be notified on any upcoming events.

This will be a place of belonging for the outcasts, the punks, the misfits… the Australian music underground.

As we grow, a place that allows students direct access over time to successful artists, influencers & youth role models locally & across the globe.

A school that is just as focused on practical wisdom & thinking positively, than the creative itself.

So when students go through the program, they have more tools, support & balance to deal with life’s bigger challenges.

Looking holistically, no doubt Top & Emerging Talent can & will rise to an extremely influential place of status in society. 

We want to see the next wave of successful Top Talent embody a bright positive message of hope & unity, rather than abandonment, loneliness & defeat…the end of which historically has been too often, sadly, witnessed as dark suicide in the world spotlight. 

The art itself, of course, may be extremely dark…and that outlet (contrasting artistic expression) is not only safe but encouraged… We would love to see our artists shine as positive individuals on top of any platforms & opportunities they are given. To become real light-bringers to their followers. To help bring change in Australian youth culture for good.

That is our vision. 

Not just to be able to fast track an artist’s career & development…without charge… but to give them a strong foundation, inside-out confidence, a positive outlook, and a deeper purpose of living altogether.

You can partner WISE SERPENT MUSIC (now running as a part of WISE SERPENT DREAM) by joining the 37 Club here.


WISE SERPENT MUSIC offers Artist Development for top talent, emerging talent, and curious beginners. Services range from beginner guitar lessons to full-blown Artist Development and Artist Management.

There are 3 x premium 1-on-1 artist development services & packages available, including beginner’s guitar & vocal coaching. See the ‘Music’, ‘Art’, and ‘Wisdom’ pages for brief overviews of all available mentoring.

Wise Serpent Music caters for 3 groups of students:

1. SILLY SNAKES! 6-week 1-on-1 artist development program [6-13 year olds. 0 spots available now] CLOSED. EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST FOR 2024 HERE

2. WISE SERPENT DRAGONFREE youth mentorship [14-24 years only] Group online artist development + 1-on-1 artist development. Join waiting list here for DRAGON YOUTH PROGRAM.

3. KING COBRAS* [“King Cobras” | ages 25 and up | 2 spots available now]. Enquire here (be quick).

Musicians 25 years of age & over (previously 26) click here to go to new STREET OFFER.

*This service (“KING COBRA”) helps raise funds for the Free ‘WISE SERPENT DRAGON’ Youth Mentorship, as well as making WISE SERPENT MUSIC run profitably.

Music | Art | Wisdom


Meet Wise Serpent Music's 
Director & Head Artist

Development Coach:
Grace Lion-Hunter
[from South Australia's
capital: Adelaide]
^ Grace [left] with band members & fan

“One of Adelaide’s Greatest Singer-Songwriters…”

Radio Adelaide [Australia]

“A Voice like a fucking angel…” 

DB Magazine [Australia]

“Australia’s version of Russell Brand.” 

Dan Jones [Seraphs Coal + Beaver + Symbolo.gy]

“Insane guitar work.” 

DB Magazine [Australia]

“Right now this is my favorite album…”

Kris Crummett [U.S. Producer @Rise Records]

“All the best features of prog rock, with none of the wankery. Fantastic song-writing and delivery…”

[Come Back, Stereolab]

“Have been listening on repeat for a few hours… I’ve loved so much of your work to date, but these songs grab me more than anything I’ve heard you do before… You have an incredible talent…”

Matthew Wright [Frontman @TheGetawayPlan]

“I did the Video walk-through & it was great! Couldn’t recommend you enough… Thanks for the great work setting up my site.”

Jim Kokotis [Prophetic Songwriter]

“Grace Lion-Hunter is a friend! Thank you for being our Master Artist in Residence & helping out around the studio with your professional artist support & killer vibe.”

Paul Dangerfield [Producer @DaleStreetStudios]

“That gig at the Metro blew me away, it was like Mogwai, Helmet, The Flaming Lips and Bowie were having a reunion in your face…” 

Tim Standing [Director @DayLightBreaks]

“Hey dude, just wanted to let you know that I’ve found my path… I’m on the right track to my destiny – I’m sure of it. I’m more alive than I have ever felt before. Thank you, I feel so blessed that I got to meet you. You’re an incredible soul & you’re doing great things!”

Jessica Paige [Wilderness Society]
The Wise Serpent Den
^ The Wise Serpent Songwriter’s Den

^ Grace [j3ZOZ] promo shot @ Dale Street Studios, 2015-16

Grace has:

Been a successful Government Grant applicant in South Australia, his band receiving $5k to help produce their first album

Worked alongside U.S. Producer, Kris Crummett

Built a sonic brand where labels came to him
[including a major] without any management, booking agents, and without a publicist.

Been approached directly by bands to write for them

Been approached by bands & agents to tour with them

Worked as a studio musician at Dale Street Studios

Played for iconic Adelaide bands: Embodiment 12:14 [guitars/vocals] + Secrets in Scale & Electric Jesus [songwriter/frontman]

Performed at the world renowned Clipsal 500

Toured Australia with US metal giants Killswitch Engage & Anthrax

Toured Australia with The Getaway Plan, Closure in Moscow & Tonight Alive

Played drums with jazz sensation James Morrison

Supplied local support shows for Birds of Tokyo, Something with Numbers, Trial Kennedy, Atreyu, As I Lay Dying, I Killed The Prom Queen

Invited by Dale Street Studios [Port Adelaide] to be their ‘Artist in Residence’ & all-round studio hand 2013-2015

Studied at the Adelaide Conservatorium of Music

Studied at Australian Institute of Music in Sydney

Undergone an Inner-Circle mastermind with
Kyle Tully at Consulting Tycoon

Absorbed & applied training from business & marketing experts for 9+ years (including Rich Schefren, Russell Brunson, Mike Filsaime, Mike Koenigs, Tony Robbins, Mike Dillard, Gary Vaynerchuk)

Absorbed & applied training from spiritual masters for 9+ years (multiple traditions, primarily within the spheres of Christian Mysticism)

Ran an underground entertainment ministry since 2015

Legally changed name to Grace Lion-Hunter in 2018

Experienced in mentoring adults, teens & children

Received Letters of Support – for previous projects – from Music SA, Scorpion Entertainment, Kris Crummett (Interlace Studios), Kyle Tully (consultingtycoon.com), Chris DeCinque & Micheal Barrett (Closure in Moscow on behalf of Equal Vision Records), Matthew Wright (The Getaway Plan) + more

30+ years music experience

^ Grace airborne @ Clipsal 500 main stage
^ Grace [left] performing live @ Adelaide Uni Bar
^ Grace [seated] Post show w/ Closure in Moscow @ THE GOV (Coheed and Cambria AUS tour)

Want to meet me (via skype or over phone)?
Free Discovery Call here.

Join the waiting list for Wise Serpent Youth
(14-24 year olds) here.

Apply for SILLY SNAKES! (students 6-13) here.

Aged 25 and above? See our heavily discounted KING COBRA ‘Street Offer’ (limited supply) here.